Category Theory and Computer Science (CTCS'04)
August 12th-14th, 2004
Appsem II conference

DEADLINE EXTENSION: April 16th (closed)

FIRST Graduate Student Summer School, August 9th-11th, 2004

Workshop on Categorical Methods in Concurrency, Interaction and Mobility (CMCIM), August 11th, 2004

The IT University of Copenhagen. Illustration by Eyecadcher.

CTCS'04 is the tenth conference on Category Theory and Computer Science. The purpose of this conference series is the advancement of the foundations of computing, using the tools of category theory. While the emphasis is on applications of category theory, it is recognized that the area is highly interdisciplinary.

Category theory, after having played a major role in the development of mathematics, e.g. in algebraic geometry, has been widely applied by logicians to obtain concise interpretations of many logical concepts. On the other hand, links between logic and computer science have been developed now for over twenty years, notably via the Curry-Howard isomorphism, which identifies programs with proofs. Together, the triangle category theory-logic-computation presents a rich world of interconnections. It is the primary purpose of the CTCS conference series to explore these interconnections.

Conference proceedings will appear in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. Paper copies of the proceedings will be available to participants at the conference.

Summer School

Inspired by the success of the graduate student preconference of CTCS'02 in Ottawa, the CTCS of this year will have a similar event: A three day summer school, which is designed to prepare students - both graduates and advanced undergraduates, with basic knowledge of category theory - to participate in the conference. The summer school will take place from August 9-11. The summer school is supported by the FIRST Graduate School.


Workshop Programme

In between the CTCS'04 Graduate Student Summer School and the CTCS'04 Conference there will be a free, half-day workshop on Categorical Methods in Concurrency, Interaction and Mobility (CMCIM 2004). The workshop has previously been held in connection with CONCUR 2002 (Brno) and CONCUR 2003 (Marseille). More information can be found on the CMCIM 2004 workshop homepage. Please register before July 1st by sending an email to

CTCS '04 Social Event (new)

Friday afternoon we will have a nice sightseeing tour on the canals. (Hopefully the sun will be shining, however, you may bring an umbrella just in case....). The tour will end by the Royal Library (The Black Diamond) where we have a buffet at the restaurant Søren K.
Note: There will be an opening reception at the IT University on Wednesday, August 11th from 19:00-21:00. Participants will be able to register at that time.


The conference summer school are APPSEM-II events, sponsored by the FIRST Graduate School and the Theory Department at the IT University of Copenhagen.
Invited speakers:
François Bergeron (Quebéc)
Martin Hyland (Cambridge)
Robin Milner (Cambridge)
Andrew Pitts (Cambridge)
Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt)

Program committee:
Lars Birkedal, Chair (Copenhagen)
Marcelo Fiore (Cambridge)
Masahito Hasegawa (Kyoto)
Bart Jacobs (Nijmegen)
Ugo Montanari (Pisa)
Valeria de Paiva (Palo Alto)
Dusko Pavlovic (Palo Alto)
John Power (Edinburgh)
Edmund Robinson (London)
Peter Selinger (Ottawa)

Organizing Committee:
E. Moggi, Chair (Genova)
S. Abramsky (Oxford)
P. Dybjer (Chalmers)
B. Jay (Sydney)
A. Pitts (Cambridge)

Local organizers:
Carsten Butz
Thomas Hildebrandt
Anne Lotte Mørk
Annette Hjort Knudsen

Conference email:

April 16: Submission deadline (closed)
June 1: Notification of authors of accepted papers
July 1: Registration

Registration deadline: July 1 2004

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