List of accepted papers for CTCS 2004

1) Paul-André Melliès. Asynchronous games 3: an innocent model of linear logic

2) Maria Emilia Maietti. Reflection into models of finite decidable FP-sketches in an arithmetic universe

3) Ana Paula Lüdtke Ferreira and Leila Ribeiro. A graph-based semantics for object-oriented programming constructs

4) Markus Michelbrink and Anton Setzer. State Dependent IO-Monads in Type Theory

5) Sun Meng, Bernhard K. Aichernig, Luis S. Barbosa, and Zhang Naixiao. A Coalgebraic Semantic Framework for Component Based Development in UML

6) Robin Cockett and Craig Pastro. A language for multiplicative-additive linear logic

7) Esfandiar Haghverdi and Philip Scott. From Geometry of Interaction to Denotational Semantics

8) Andrea Schalk and Jose Juan Palacios-Perez. Concrete Data Structures as Games

9) Jiri Adamek, Stefan Milius, and Jiri Velebil. Parametrized Iterativity

10) Glynn Winskel and Mario Caccamo. Limit Preservation from Naturality

11) Paul Taylor. Inside every model of Abstract Stone Duality lies an Arithmetic Universe

12) Erik de Vink, Harald Woracek, and Ana Sokolova. Weak Bisimulation for Action-Type Coalgebras