Irina Shklovski
Associate Professor
TiP Research Group
IxD Research Group
IT University of Copenhagen
irsh [AT] itu [dot] dk
You can find me in 4E08
in the main ITU building
Office #: +45 72 18 53 63
Physical address:
IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7,
DK-2300, København S
I am an associate professor in the Technologies in Practice and Interaction Design (IxD) research groups at the IT University of Copenhagen in Denmark. My research is located at the intersection of Information Sciences, Communication Studies and Human Computer Interaction. My studies of social network structures and in-situ relational practices expose how local context can shape technology adoption and use, and how global networked information flows can, in turn, become part of the local context. I examine how people adapt and integrate an increasingly broad array of information and communication technologies into their daily lives and under conditions of strain.
latest news

I am really excited to attend the Do It Yourself networking: an interdisciplinary approach seminar at Dagstuhl in Germany this month with a really interesting group of people.


The 2nd ANDROID Online Doctoral School - an interdisciplinary forum on the study of disaster resilience - call is out. Applications are due 18 February 2014


"Leakiness and Creepiness in App Space: Perceptions of Privacy and Mobile App Use", a paper I co-authored with Scott Mainwaring, Halla Hrund Skúladóttir and Höskuldur Borgthorsson has been accepted for presentation at CHI 2014


The HCI Journal special issue on Transnational HCI is online! Take a look at the editor introduction that I had co-written together with Janet Vertesi and Silvia Lindtner


Last week I had the pleasure to present "Making a home for social media", a paper I co-authored with Clint Heyer and Nanna Jensen, at Ubicomp 2013 in Zurich