First International REA

Technology Workshop

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 22-24  

Over the last 20 years, the REA (Resources, Events and Agents) model for accounting matured to a conceptual framework and ontology for enterprise information architectures.

The goals of this workshop bring together researchers with an interest in the realization of REA systems, to present and discuss the current state of the ontology, the latest state of implementation technology for REA and to identify key areas for further research.

The workshop is organized with ample time for discussions and is open to anyone with an interest in the implementation and formalization of the REA ontology. We encourage you to focus on the ideas in progress which you would like to get feedback from other workshop participants.

See call for papers

The workshop will be held 22-24 April 2004 in Skodsborg Health Centre and Spa. The centre, used also by Danish Royal Family, is located on the seaside north of Copenhagen, about 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen centre and 45 minutes from Copenhagen International Airport.

The workshop fee will be at the level of 3.900 DKK, about 650 USD, and includes two night accommodation from 22 to 24 April at the conference centre, food, and access to the workshop.

Program outline:
        Thursday 22th,
            18:00 Welcome and introduction
            19:30 Dinner
        Friday 23th,
            9:00- 12:00 Session 1, topic1
            12:00-13:30 Lunch
            13:30-17:00 Session 2, topic 2
            17:00-18:30 Off
            18:30 – Dinner & Discussions
Saturday 24st,
            9:00- 12:00 Session 3, topic 3
            12:00-13:30 Lunch
            13:30-15:00 Where to go from here

Submitted position papers: (all papers in a zip file)

  1. Christian Stefansen (University of Copenhagen): Transforming the Resources/Events/Agents Model into a Formal Process-Oriented Enterprise Framework. (pdf)
  2. Jacob Winther Jespersen (IT University Copenhagen): Considering User Interfaces to REA Systems (pdf)
  3. Jesper Kiehn (Microsoft Business Solutions): REA and System Dynamics for SCM (pdf)
  4. Kasper Østerbye (IT University Copenhagen): Structured REA contracts (pdf)
  5. Kåre J. Kristoffersen, Cristian Pedersen, Henrik Reif (IT University Copenhagen): Checking temporal business rules (pdf).
    Full paper (pdf).
  6. Mette Jaquet (IT University Copenhagen): The Nature of Economic Events in the REA model (pdf)
  7. Pavel Hruby (Microsoft Business Solutions): REA Modeling in Practice (pdf), Agents and Roles (pdf)
  8. Signe Ellegård Borch (IT University Copenhagen): Typification in REA (pdf)
  9. Thomas Jensen (Microsoft Business Solutions): REA and Supply Chain Management (pdf)
  10. Yvonne Dittrich (IT University Copenhagen): How to Make Use of Rea (pdf)
  11. Guido Geerts and Bill McCarthy: Type-Level Specifications in REA Enterprise Information Systems (pdf)
  12. Guido Geerts and Bill McCarthy: The REA Business Process State Machine (pdf)
  13. Cheryl Dunn: Exploring the Extent to Which Enterprise Systems Employ REA and Transforming the Practice of Corporate Financial Reporting (pdf)
  14. Maria Bergholtz, Prasad Jayaweera, Paul Johannesson and Petia Wohed (Stockholm University and Royal Insititute of Technology): Bringing Speech Acts into UMM (pdf).

Participating without position paper:

  1. Jean-Marc Eber (Lexify technologies),
  2. Ralph Johnson (University of Illinois),
  3. Jeff Wei (University of Illinois),
  4. Fritz Henglein (University of Copenhagen).
  5. Torben Andersen (Microsoft Business Solutions).