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2006 - Finally, my Phd Thesis is online
   author = {Kasper Bilsted Graversen},
   title = {The nature of roles---A taxonomic analysis of roles as a language construct},
   school = {IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark},
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11.07.2003 - 6 page workshop paper on the experiences of augmenting Java with roles: graversen03success.pdf (121 kb)

  author={Kasper B. Graversen},
  title={The successes and failures of a language as a language~extension---Experiences with
         augmenting Java with pr. instance run-time inheritance and multiple views},
  note={Presented at ``Workshop on Object-oriented Language Engineering for the Post-Java Era'',
        {ECOOP} 2003, Darmstadt, Germany}}

11.03.2003 - 18 page technical report on the implementation of the chameleon compiler in Java: shortchameleonoverview03.pdf (438 kb)

  author={Kasper B. Graversen,
  title={Explaining the implementation of chameleon---a short overview},

01.03.2003 - 8 page article on the implementation of the chameleon compiler in Java: graversen03AOSD03.pdf (387 kb)

  author={Kasper B. Graversen and Kasper {\O}sterbye},
  title={Implementation of a Role Language for Object-Specific Dynamic Separation of Concerns},
  note={AOSD '03 Workshop ``SPLAT''},

18.10.2002 - 4 page article on the relation between roles and aspects: graversen02aspect.pdf (49 kb)

  author={Kasper B. Graversen and Kasper {\O}sterbye},
  title={Aspect modelling as Role modelling},
  note={OOPSLA '02 Workshop on ``Tool Support for Aspect Oriented Software Development''},

01.08.2002 - masters thesis thesis.pdf (697 kb) (what a masterpiece! ;-)

  author = {Kasper B. Graversen and Johannes Beyer},
  month = {August},
  year = 2002,
  title = {Chameleon},
  note = {Masters thesis. IT-University of Copenhagen}}

14.08.2001 - Poster presentation elastic.pdf (more information here)

  author = {Kasper B. Graversen},
  month = {August},
  year = 2001,
  title = {Elastic JavaDoc},
  note = {Poster presentation, 12th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia 2001} }

1999 - CS project compilerteknik.pdf (in danish! 562 kb) At the time of writing I was intrigued by compilers and I always wanted to understand how they worked. While doing that project I learned OOP, Java and 286 ASM. Given that perspective I think I managed quite a bit. While the project only scratches the surface of compiler technique, It may be a nice practical introduction to the topic that can be read in a few hours.