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This is the research diary of Lisbeth Klastrup. Here I share some of my thoughts on life, universe, virtual worlds, interactive stories and internet oddities with you.

I'm a ph.d. scholar at DIAC at the IT University at Copenhagen (ITU). I also host & work in a world called StoryMOO. At this ITU homepage you can read more about my research project and miscellaneus activities. List of publications is here.

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The Webby Awards: 2002 Winners - selected by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and "the people" respectively. Notice for instance that Praystation.com and All your Base are belong to us are amongst the winners. As is Amazon - for best community!

Still getting mails on the "professional" writer's blog thing, so will be back with a last update when I get to a computer that works properly again (currently at limping ITU terminal).

Will also be back discussing "Alternate Reality Gaming" - a project by some of my students which did a very good job presenting the project at an oral exam this morning. Amongst other things, they have digged up several interesting URLs I want to share with you.

After this teaser, off to some off-line shopping. BRB....at a terminal near you :). Have a nice weekend!

Via Ludology.org: draft for an article: Toward a Theory of Interactive Fiction by Nick Montfort - to appear in the book IF Theory.

Writers´ blogs - an update
Several people have written with URLs to "professional" writers blogs (one asking what I meant by professional - by which I mean people who for a living write and get published by institutionalised publishing houses). Neil Gaiman was mentioned several times so he must have a strong webpresence. So here goes:

A little list of blogs by professional writers:
Neil Gaiman (http://www.neilgaiman.com/journal/journal.asp)
Bruce Sterling (http://www.infinitematrix.net/columns/index.html)
David Weinberger (http://www.hyperorg.com/blogger/index.html)
Steven Brust (http://www.dreamcafe.com/weblog.cgi) - only sporadically updated
Douglas Clegg (http://www.douglasclegg.com/blog.htm)

- All male and all Americans to my knowledge. There must be some Europeans and females writing too, dont you think?

Moving Day
There is quite a bit of turbulence in my material life right now. At work, I have just moved from a 4-people office to a 1-woman one (on loan from colleague who is studying abroad for a while) - and this with my new laptop which I am desperately trying to get on the ITU network. While fighting the local systems administration, I am also enjoying the fact that I can leave all the mess in my old office and just start with a clean slate in the new one...
Also, this weekend I got a really good offer on a new "andels"-apartment (equal to "shared house"-apartment in English??) which I have happily accepted. So will be moving all my books and the rest of my belongings to posher place in Copenhagen less than 2 weeks from now. Argh and Jubii!! For this reason, updates might be sporadic in the next couple of weeks...

Writer's Blog. In relation to an article, I wrote recently with Susana Tosca, I was looking for blogs written by professional (print) writers. I could not find a lot (do you know any), but here is one by sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling. The Infinite Matrix | Bruce Sterling via Frank.

Ziege's Mansion, a little hyperfiction-game by Brasilian Journalist Mario Cavalcanti has its own charm in that it is (unintendedly) written in a wonderful broken English with weird commentaries on the side...

Here is the programme for the Academic Day at the European conference for Game Developers in late August. My ITU colleague Jesper Juul is in one of the panels.

"From Casual to Core: A Statistical Mechanism for Studying Gamer Dedication!" by Barry Ip and Ernest Adams. Should take a look at this and figure out whether their model of understanding could be applied to EverQuest Players.

In Tampere, via Eric Zimmerman, I was made aware of the existence of an "indenpendent games" scene in the US. Here is the call for contributions to theThe 5th Annual Independent Games Festival.

By way of /Texturl/: guimp: world's smallest website - this site also contains what I think must be the world's smallest game GUIs - playing Pong, F1, Maze and more within an 18x18 pixelspace is difficult!

OK - so maybe I should rethink my dedication to powerpoints slides after having seen: The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation

It is not that bad to be a student at ITU...An article in Computerworld based on stats ITU has produced, relates the fact that more than 75% of our finished students (of which the first batch graduated last summer) have actually got a job working with IT and 12 out of the 60 respondents have even chosen to start their own compagny.
Nice to know that the people I have helped teach have actually succesfully gotten on with life in the real world :)

Browsing through various websites to catch up with life on the blogging frontier while I have been away.
Powers of 10 - nifty java-application to illustrate the power of scaling by ten. Why is it I am still able to feel awe everytime I see a picture of the Earth from space?

There is a Danish article on weblogging - arguing that the weblog phenomena started in Denmark approximately a year ago, after the annual Danish Reboot conference which last year starred Evan Williams. Definitely the amount of Danish weblog writers have exploded since then, to the point where weblogging is, as Tinka points out, "going mainstream" in this country.

I am now in Helsinki. It is warm and nice - and good to hang out with colleagues Tosca and Juul after a conference which was interesting but almost too short. BRB later....

I have just come back from a 2 day research seminar with many of the researchers and ph.d.students at ITU. An interesting exercise. I have completed my project management exam finally and tomorrow I'm off to Tampere for theComputer Games and Digital Cultures conference. Wont be back before next Wednesday and then it is WRITING-time, finally :).
Might try to get to a computer in Tampere, if not, I'll be back at this space late next week!

Some Danes have come up with the brilliant idea of making aNetfilmfestival. The site is open for submission and will make sure your film gets streamed.

You know you have been playing too much EverQuest, when...
You go to the public swimmingpool with some of your friends and after having swom several laps, vividly imagines a sentence written in blue over your head:
"You have become better at swimming! (5)"