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I am a Ph.D. in computer science from the Department of Theoretical Computer Science at the IT University of Copenhagen. I defended my dissertation entitled "Advances in Separation Logic" on October 7th, 2005. My supervisor was Lars Birkedal and the thesis committee consisted of Carsten Butz, David Naumann, and Uday Reddy. I am now employed in the Architecture Department of Maconomy.

Together with my wife Camilla, I have created a more personal web site (unfortunaltely mostly in Danish, but you might find your way to, e.g. our pictures anyhow). If you want to keep track of me and what I am up to, that is probably the place to look. The new page may be found here.

Research and Studies:

I have followed courses within different areas of theoretical computer science during my Ph. D. studies. The main interests have been in category theory and domain theory, but I have also studied calculi for mobility and concurrency.

My research is primarily focussed on separation logic, which is a logic that was discovered independently by Peter O'Hearn and John Reynolds. It is well suited to reason about programs that manipulate shared mutable data structures. In my master's thesis, I used separation logic to formally specify and prove correct a copying garbage collector. I have also worked on combining separation logic and refinement, and currently, I am looking into categorical models for separation logic. See the list of papers below.

My Ph.D. study plan is available here (to help new students to write their own study plans). If you are a new Ph.D. student at ITU, you might find this guide to making study plans useful.

A list of papers is available.
Personal Address:
Noah Torp-Smith
Marstalsgade 27, 3. th.
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Phone (mobile): +45 2425 2806
Curriculum Vitae: .ps, .pdf
Linux User 266682

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