Language Integration Survey

This survey investigates how creators of new domain-specific or general purpose languages construct new computer languages. In particular, it investigates how new languages are integrated into the development of existing software projects and how new languages are integrated with other languages. Additionally, we are interested in which kind of tool support language creators provide along with their newly constructed languages.

The survey will take you around 10 minutes. Please answer the following questions as truthfully as possible. In case you are interested in the outcome of this survey feel free to enter your email-address at the last page and we will inform you when the analysis is complete.

This survey is conducted by Helge Pfeiffer at IT University of Copenhagen, Process and System Models Group, as part of his research on engineering of multi-language software systems. The research is conducted in collaboration with the Software Technology Group at Technische Universität Dresden.

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(The survey is created using Google Docs and hosted by Google.)