Corecalc and Funcalc
Spreadsheet Technology in C#
IT University
of Copenhagen

Corecalc and Funcalc

Corecalc is an implementation of core spreadsheet functionality in C#, intended as a platform for experiments with technology and novel functionality. Corecalc is a research prototype, not a usable replacement for Microsoft Excel, Gnumeric or LibreOffice Calc.

Funcalc is an extension of Corecalc in which users can define their own functions via sheet-defined functions, without resorting to external languages such as VBA. These are compiled to .NET bytecode at run-time, thus offering high performance while preserving the usual mode of interaction in which all edits take effect immediately. Funcalc is a research prototype.

The goal of this work is to improve the support for end-user development, which to a large extent takes place within spreadsheets. However, current spreadsheet programs provide little support for abstraction and reuse of computations, unless one uses external languages such as VBA. We want to demonstrate that abstraction and reuse can be supported within the standard spreadsheet metaphor cells, formulas and extreme interactivity, yet with excellent performance.



Corecalc (old, superseded by Funcalc)

Student projects contributing to or using Corecalc and Funcalc

Most recent first. These projects contributed to the development of Corecalc and Funcalc either indirectly by trying out new ideas or pointing out weaknesses, or directly by contributing code. Thanks!

Authors and credits

The implementation is Copyright 2006-2014 Peter Sestoft and others, and is released under a MIT-style open license.

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