The Standard ML Basis Library

The PrimIO functor

The optional functor PrimIO builds an instance of the primitive I/O signature PRIM_IO.


functor PrimIO ( ... ) : PRIM_IO

Functor argument interface

structure A : MONO_ARRAY
structure V : MONO_VECTOR
sharing type A.vector = V.vector
sharing type A.elem = V.elem
val someElem : A.elem
type pos
val compare : (pos * pos) -> order


structure A

structure V

sharing type A.vector
sharing type A.elem

an element that may be read or written by a reader or writer. The value someElem is typically used for initialization of buffers.

type pos

compare (pos, pos')
returns LESS, EQUAL, or GREATER When pos is less than, equal to, or greater than pos', respectively, in some underlying linear ordering on pos values.

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