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Software Programmable Signal Processing Platform Analysis, Spring 2007: Episode 6

Lecture, March 12, morning

Subject: Dataflow Analysis and Optimizations, Loop optimizations.

Text: Read Appel pp.383—393. It is sufficient to just skim section 17.1. Our main focus will be on sections 17.2—17.3. In chapter 18 read the introduction (skip Reducible Flow Graphs). Then read sections 18.1—18.3 and 18.5 (skip 18.4). You may want to omit pp.424—425, but read them if you are interested as the material is relevant.

Prerequisites: liveness analysis, intermediate tree language.

Comments: In today's episode we shall discuss various data-flow analyses, that can be seen as generalizations of liveness analysis from episode 5. Then we shall apply this analyses to obtain simple compiler optimizations. In the second part of the lecture we will focus on loop optimizations, that are more popular in the DSP applications.

Time: Monday, 12 March, 8:30—10:15. Room NJV14 4-117

Tutorial: 10:30–12:00. Room your group office.


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