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Software Programmable Signal Processing Platform Analysis, Spring 2007: Schedule

The following schedule is permanently tentative:

Episode Date Text Subject Teacher
1 5 Feb optionally this paper Introduction of the DSP hardware platform OW
2 12 Feb Appel 1, p.16, 2.1–2.2, pp.39–41, 3.1, pp.72–75,92–95, Fig. 4.7 Compiler architecture. Preprocessing, lexical and syntactical analyses. Abstract syntax trees. AW
3 19 Feb Appel 5.1,5.3-5.4, pp.125–133, pp.150–173 Symbol tables, type analysis, activation frames, register and calling conventions of TMS320C6xxx. AW
4 26 Feb Appel pp. 150—173 (perhaps omitting 152,154—157) and Appel pp. 191-202 Intermediate representation and instruction selection AW
5 5 Mar Appel pp.218—223,225—229, 235—248. Optionally section 11.5. Skim section 2.4.1 of Programmer's Guide (spru 198). Register allocation, liveness analysis AW
6 12 Mar Appel pp.383—393 (skim 17.1), p.410, 18.1—18.3 (perhaps omit pp. 424—425), 18.5. Dataflow analysis: reaching definitions, constant propagation, copy propagation, available expressions, reaching expressions, common subexpression elimination, dead code elimination. Loop optimizations: dominators & loops, loop invariants, hoisting, induction variables, strength reduction, loop unrolling. AW
7 19 Mar Appel p. 474—488, 503—504, 21.4—21.5 Software Pipelining and scheduling without and with resource bounds. Software Pipelining and scheduling in cl6x. Memory hierarchy: alignement in the instruction cache, loop interchange & blocking. AW