N3STO 2003/2004

Drugie, nieformalne MINI-seminarium (tudzież spotkanie doktorantów) nt. technologii zwi±zanej z oprogramowaniem, etc. Poprzednie N3STO: 2002/2003.


Marcin Borkowski, Krzysztof Kaczmarski, Andrzej W±sowski.

Czas i miejsce

poniedzialek 29/12/2003, 9.00 - 13.00.

Miejsce: GG, Zakład


Krzysztof Kaczmarski (MINI). Meta-data in Distributed Databases. I will show some issues concerning distributed databases focusing on meta-data information required to build a grid. I will also show some improvements of query evaluation in a single node using several processors.

Marcin Borkowski (MINI). Przetwarzanie języka naturalnego w aplikacjach oraz metody definiowania struktury tekstu.

Andrzej W±sowski (ITU+MINI+BRICS). Generic Descriptions of Environments for Reactive Systems. We present a process algebra suitable for defining restricted environments, which is centered around concepts of relativized simulation and observational equivalences of outputs. We show how this algebra can be used to define semantics of a specification language for environments. Time permitting, we will motivate our work with a handful of applications such as management of product line architectures, specialized code generation, test case generation, model-checking and monitored execution.

Modified: Andrzej W±sowski 16th Dec 2003

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