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Spring 2005 Course Description Schedule

Java: following material may assist you in programming assignments if you choose to use Java.
Supplementary literature : As a supplement we recommend some additional mathematical background in the book Data Structures and algorithms in Java, by M.T. Goodrich and R. Tamassia. In Danish there is a book called "Grundlæggende matematik for dataloger" which are used at DTU, it might be useful as well. The two books has not been read thoroughly by the teachers, but at first look they seems to be good. There is also a list of math books for the conoisseur.

Newsgroup : Please post questions and comments to the IADS newsgroup ( so that others may answer your questions and/or share your insights. Feel free to answer each other's questions and comment on messages. The newsgroup is our discussion forum. Sending and receiving news messages is very similar to sending and receiving e-mails. You can use mozilla, the standard mail&news client at ITU, to read the newsgroups. Ask SysAdm if you need help setting up your software for reading news. There is also this information about newsgroups, available from SysAdm.

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