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stowage coordinator

I am interested in developing and implementing industrial decision support systems that involve hard combinatorial optimization problems. I use these problems as an inspiration to define new hybrid optimization methods in the intersection between computer science, operations research, and analytics. I am particularly interested in understanding how efficient methods developed in computer science for handling logical constraints and discrete decisions like constraint programming, automated planning, binary decision diagrams, configuration, and SAT-checking can be used to improve operations research techniques like mathematical programming and meta heuristics. I am also interested in studying the combinatorial structure of high-profile optimization problems like container vessel stowage and vessel repositioning in order to understand how they can be decomposed efficiently.

Appointments and Positions

  • Course Manager and founder of Intelligent Systems Programming.
  • Founder and owner of Optivation.

Research Activities

  • RealCap: computing accurate container vessel stowage models for revenue management (supported by The Danish Maritime Fund)
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