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CLab (2004,2006,2011)

CLab is an open-source configuration tool for research and educational purposes. A configuration problem is stated as a conjunction of rules on a set of finite domain variables in a language called CP. CLab provides functions for finding valid configurations efficiently either by using Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) to compactly represent the solutiopn space or by applying constraint processing algorithms. CLab has been implemented in C++ and uses Flex and Yacc for parsing.

Bifrost (2002)

BIFROST is an experimental planning system for research on heuristic symbolic planning, adversarial non-deterministic planning, and fault tolerant planning. BIFROST has a large number of benchmark problems including the SIDMAR steel plant, DS1 space craft, Channel routing, Power supply restoration, and the ICAPS planning competition problems. The input language to BIFROST is NADL+, an extension to NADL for fault tolerant planning and heuristic search.

UMOP (1999)

UMOP is a multi-agent planning system for synchronized agents in non-deterministic domains. It includes a partitioning technique for the NADL language and planning algorithms for generating strong, strong-cyclic, and weak plans.

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