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I am interested in developing and implementing decision support systems for the maritime industry. For more than 15 years, I have focused on container vessel stowage planning optimization with derived applications in capacity, network, and revenue management. I am also interested stowage simulation for intelligent vessel design and stowage of general cargo vessels. With a background in AI and symbolic methods from CMU, I have moved into operations research and analytics. I apply optimization methods such as meta heuristics, constraint programming, and mathematical programming. In addition, I have carried out a wide range of industrial AI projects including churn prediction, container stuffing timelines, container content prediction, AIS ship ETA prediction, lashing force prediction, and recently cargo forecasting. I spent half of my time as CEO of Sealytix that develops a new generation of stowage automation tools in collaboration with leading liner shipping companies. Sealytix is also in charge of the algorithm behind the world's first breakbulk stowage optimizer sold by MacGreggor.

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