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M.Sc. Students

  • Fitness Landscape Specific Local Search Portfolio, Tinus Mørch Abell, 2011.
  • Using Conditional Random Fields to predict customer loss from transactional shipping order data, Garry Hopwood and Tomasz Pawel Pruchnicki, 2010.
  • A Library for Incremental Expression Evaluation, Kåre Hvid Lind, 2010.
  • Pervasive Healthcare - An Investigation in Activity Recognition , Søren Torp Petersen, Kristian Laurits Godthjælp Nielsen, Poul Martin Lange, 2009. (paper at PerCom 2011)
  • An Analysis of Container Stuffing Timeliness using Data Mining , Nishandan Ganesalingam, 2010.
  • Modeling container ship stowage problems using binary decision diagrams, Eilif Leknes, 2009.
  • A visualization tool for the under deck container stowage problem, Zongbo Zhang, 2009.
  • Improving Constraint programming model for the container stowage problem for an under deck location, Alberto Delgado-Ortegon, 2009.
  • Large scale modular configuration problems , Morten Riiskjær Boysen and Andreas Hau Nørgaard, 2008. (paper at IJCAI 09 workshop on configuration).
  • A COMET-Based Meta Heuristic for Assigning Containers to Cells in Under Deck Storage Locations, Dario Pacino, 2008.
  • Computational Complexity - The Complexity of Subproblems of the Satisfiability Problem and the Container Stowage Problem, Mai Lise Ajspur, 2007.
  • Multiple Opponents Poker Bot, Jakob Roed Kierkegaard and Andreas Juul Hirszhorn, 2008. See article about their work here
  • Implementing realistic human motion in Games, Elly Onesmo Nkya, 2008.
  • G.I.Ants - Design Techniques For Builder Games, Jørgen Krabbe, Thomas Richard Dougans, Cristopher Mongkolsri Voldum, and Bjarne Kristiansen, 2008.
  • Coach scheduling optimisation, Knut Tveitane, 2007.
  • Constraint Optimization for Highly Constrained Logistic Problems, Maria Kinga Mochnacs, and Meang Akira Tanaka, 2007.
  • Implementation of CLab1.0 in C#, Torbjørn Meistad, Yngve Raudberget, and Geir-Tore Lindsve, 2006.
  • Constraint satisfaction for interactive product configuration, Efstratios Kalogirou, 2006.
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