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Currently I'm interested in the PhD and Master's thesis topics listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are would like to work on one of these projects.

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PhD Thesis Topics

Vessel Stowage Optimization

The purpose of this project is to develop new optimization algorithms for container vessel stowage planning. This problem is too large to solve optimally. Thus, the goal of the project is to develop fast and accurate approximation algorithms. A wide range of techniques may be applied to this end including concrete heuristics, large neighborhood search, symbolic representations, integer programming and hierarchical decompositions.

Yield optimization based on stowage simulation and stowage capacity modelling

While vessel stowage optimization aims at operational functions, yield optimization aims at commercial functions in liner shipping companies. The challenge is to incorporate stowage constraints in cargo flow optimization models in a scalable way.

Booking forecasting

Stowage optimization and yield optimization requires stowage simulation over multiple port calls. since some of these calls lie in the future, accurate forecasting of cargomix and quantity to load is essential to both of these challenges.

Master's Thesis Topics

I always have a number of projects in the drawer (presented at each thesis market). I mainly supervise industrial related projects in close collaboration with external partners. I have good experience with 2-4 people project groups. Contact me for more info.

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