The Digital Anthropocene

On February 11th, I hosted a Syllabus Workshop in the ETHOSLab which followed up on work done by my colleagues Astrid O. Andersen and James Maguire at Aarhus University last year.

On the occasion of Hannah Knox’s visit to Copenhagen, we gathered people to work for an afternoon on what a syllabus for the Digital Anthropocene might look like. Thinking through what it might take to teach this emergent field required convening people from a range of disciplines – some that could speak more to the digital, and others to the anthropocene. With participants from ITU, Aarhus, Stavanger and beyond, we came up with a range of themes and possible texts. These will be collated and the resulting Syllabus hotsed on the ETHOS website. Screenshot 2019-10-28 21.45.45