In the Clouds: an Art Science Workshop

In January 2019 I attended a workshop in Stavanger, hosted by Dolly Jørgensen at the Greenhouse.

Here is the great call for papers, which combines a welcome to ways of knowing from meterology to art. The resulting combination of disciplines was fantastically broad, but each paper shared a curiosity about the cloud – digital or meteorological.

We read excerpts from A Prehistory of the Cloud in tandem with an academic paper about cloud formation, generating merger poems from the words picked up. We went to the museum and looked at 19thC romantic paintings of Norwegian landscapes. We went on our own cloud walks. We listened to one anothers’ talks.

I spoke about the Internet of Things and the cloud, drawing on elements of the VIRT-EU project. An exhibition is scheduled at the Stavanger art museum, and my short essay – along with others from the event – should be published alongside in the catalogue.