GDPR, 2 years on

GDPR was not an event, it is a process. As fines begin to be handed out, and auditors gain scope and skill, we are entering an age of compliance. Indeed, “The Age of Compliance” is what I titled my introduction to our forthcoming collection of erasure poems, made by members of the public during Copenhagen’s TechFest in 2019.

Finalizing the collection was a lockdown project I undertook with the manager and assistant of the ETHOSLab, Marie Bl√łnd and Luuk Blum. Together, we selected and ordered a multilingual collection of poems, and commissioned commentaries from scholars of erasure poetry and legal theorists.

Danish public institutions will be open in the autumn of 2020, and we cannot wait to have a small, physically distanced, launch of our second chapbook.


Screenshot 2020-07-13 18.03.40