Museum Implosions

As Head of the Technologies in Practice group, I work with about 40 brilliant colleagues. On our Research Day 2019, I planned a visit the Danish Technical Museum, where we got to spend time with some of their collection, and meet one of the curators, Peter Bjerregaard.

The subsequent seminar, which I asked my colleagues Baki Cakici and Marisa Cohn to create, drew on a teaching exercise they use with their students, an “implosion” method that Joe Dumit wrote up based on Donna Haraway’s classes. Inspired by Stewart and Berlant’s “worlding” that takes place in short segments in The Hundreds, we wrote our own “Hundreds”, which are collected together in our new publication Museum Implosions, along with short commentaries from Peter Bjerregaard and Lucy Suchman. The pdf will be available on the Technologies in Practice website after the launch event in autumn 2020.

museum implosions