New Immortalities

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Earlier this month I found out that the panel my ex-PhD supervisor Prof. Bob Simpson and I submitted to the 2014 ASA Decennial Conference in Edinburgh was accepted.

Entitled New Immortalities, we hope to bring together the themes of ethics, value and recycling around cadaveric materials. Bob and I share an interest in how the material body is treated around the point of death, and the languages used to talk about what happens to that body. Edinburgh is a particularly important place in the history of anatomy, issues of access to bodies, arguments about advancing medical knowledge, and the conflicting values around utilitarian approaches to the corpse. We welcome papers that engage with the ethics and the practicalities of cadaveric materials, their this-and-other-worldly potentials, their differing religious, moral, scientific and economic values.

To see the full abstract and propose a paper, go here.

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