Tea in TiP

Since 2014, I have been running a series of informal interviews with visitors to the Technologies in Practice Research Group (TiP). They are designed to let our guest lecturers, PhD students and professors share the work that they are doing whilst at TiP. I ply our visitors with tea and often cake, and we discuss their existing research, collaborations and conversations with ITU staff and plans for the future. [updated for 2016 with the 2015 interviews!]

Sara Jensen on digitization in Denmark.

Hanne Cecilie Geirbo on energy infrastructures in Bangladesh.

Mark Elam on innovation and risk in Swedish nuclear waste management and smoking.

Line Marie Thorsen on the Alien Energy project exhibition and Japanese artistic responses to the tsunami.

Adrian Mackenzie on Github, big data and visualisation.

John Law on provincializing STS and salmon in Norway.

Estrid Sørensen on social psychology, spaces of anthropological knowledge, and video games.

Atsuro Morita on water, deltas, Japanese anthropology and standardized models.

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