New Immortalities publication

The New Immortalities research collaboration had its first meeting in Durham in 2014, and has convened a growing group of scholars ever since. One of our long term goals has been to publish a selection of the papers presented at conferences and workshops where we have gathered to discuss the breadth of practices that go on around the management, memorialisation and use of cadaveric tissues around the world. Bob Simpson and I have just co-edited this long-awaited collection into existence, under the New Immortalities theme. All of the articles are Open-Access with the online journal Medicine Anthropology Theory, and include pieces by Susanne Ã…dahl, Arnar Arnason, Elizabeth Hallam, Maria Olejaz and Bob Simpson.

My article, called Silent Mentors: donation, education and bodies in Taiwan builds on existing themes of ethical conduct, audit and subjectivity in my work, but it does so through by bringing together my interests in ethical review processes with medical pedagogy. You can download it here.

The introduction and afterword, which I coauthored with Bob, overview the themes of the collection – you can read them here and here.