This page provides a chronological overview of the projects I am currently and have previously been involved with. For further details about each project, click on the titles.

2020-2024 Moving Data, Moving People

  • Collaboration with colleagues at Aalborg University, on a project about the implementation of China’s Social Credit System.

2020-2022 BionicNatures

  • Collaboratory funded through the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH)

2017-2019 Practicing Integrity

  • Collaborative work with colleagues at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, on a project about the integration of the concept of ‘integrity’ into research practice and researcher identities.

2017-2020 Data as Relation

  •  Anthropological and STS study of how big data is generated, negotiated and used in governance, and as part of governing. Funded by The Velux Foundation, Denmark. The sub-project Bodies of Data will be the focus of my attention.

2017-2020 VIRT-EU

  •  Values and Ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in Europe (VIRT-EU). Horizon 2020 project exploring ethics in practice amongst IoT designers across Europe. Hosted at ITU (PI Irina Shklovski) with partners in the UK, Sweden and Italy.

2014-2015 Biology and the Law

  • Faraday Institute funded project on the intersection of biology and the law under Sheila Jasanoff at the Harvard Program on Science, Technology and Society. Co-investigators and collaborators in Warwick University (UK), University of Wisconsin, Madison, University of Arizona, Phoenix.

2014-2015 New Immortalities

  • Led by Prof. Bob Simpson (Durham University), exploring new uses, meanings and values of cadaveric tissue at a workshop February 2014, Durham,  ASA Panel June 2014, Edinburgh and ASA panel June 2016. Special issue submitted for review forthcoming 2017.

2013-2014 Materiality, Authenticity and Value

  • UK Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project on conservation science based at the University of the West of Scotland Engineering Department, in collaboration with the universities of Manchester and Durham. Article here.

2013-2014 Building on the Past

  • Project investigating retrofitting based at Durham Anthropology Department, funded by the Durham Energy Institute (DEI) with cross disciplinary publication 2014. Article here.

2010- 2015 Capacity Building

  • Conceptual work through a 2011 AAA panel and 2015 Wenner Gren workshop bringing together scholars in anthropology encountering the idea of ‘capacity building’ at work in their field sites. Special issue of The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology published Spring 2017, see here.

2009-2012 Locating Ethics

  • PhD project covering an NGO building capacity in research ethics and ethics review committees in the Asia-Pacific region.

2007-2010 International Science and Bioethics Collaborations

  • UK Economic and Social Research Council funded umbrella project for MA and doctoral work.

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