Attended Community Led Open Publication Infrastructres for Monographs (COPIM) Workshop June 2021.

Presented: Nanotechnologies for Stopping Time. The Material Life of Time , coordinated by the Temporal Belongings Network (Online) March 2021.


Convened: with James Maguire and Astrid O. Andersen. The Digital Anthropocene. A double panel at 4S/EASST Prague/Online.

Panel Chair: Science and Democracy Network (SDN) Digital Citizens and Publics.

Convened: Online ETHOS Node for #Distribute2020, Online conference of the Society for Cultural Anthropology and the Society for Visual Anthropology. May 7-9, 2020.

Presented: Audit Counterfoils. Misdirection Workshop, Antwerp, February 15-16, 2020. Convenor: Koen Peeters.


Attended: Genuine Fakes, 4-5 July 2019, Somerville University of Oxford. Convenor: Patricia Kingori, Wellcome Trust

Presented: Research Ethics Committees: Origins, Development and Beyond. Uppsala Univesrity, Sweden, May 28-29 2019. Organised by Helena Tinnerholm Ljungberg, Morag Ramsey and Francis Lee as part of the Medicine at the Borders of Life project, Uppsala University.

Organized (with Phoebe Friesen): Ethics Oversight and Committees for AI: Towards a Future Research Agenda. Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, Big Data Institute, University of Oxford, May 10th 2019.

Co-convened (with A. Walford & N. Seaver) Toward an Anthropology of Data, March 18-19 UCL

Presented at: “In the Clouds”, an Art/Science 24-26 January 2019 Stavanger University,  Greenhouse.


Presented at: American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, November 2018.

Presented at: IFIP Working Group 8.2, “Living with Monsters” San Francisco State University December 11 & 12

Presented at: Negotiating the boundaries of ‘legitimate healthcare’ Kent Law School 8-9 November

Presented at: Concrete Anthropology, Aarhus University June 18-20 2018

Compliance Installation & GDPR Deletion Party (with ETHOSLab) at Danish STS Conference May 25-26 2018.

Presented at: Collaboration and Methodography in STS, Humboldt University, Berlin, April 12-14 2018

Presented at: PRINTEGER Final conference on Research Integrity: Bonn University February 2018



Presented: American Anthropological Association Conference, November 29-December 3, 2017.

Presented at STS and Democracy, an ESST workshop. Copenhagen, 23-24 November 2017.

Attended SATORI: Final Conference, Brussles September 2017.

Presented at Experiments in E/valuation Workshop CWTS, Leiden University, Leiden , 18-19 September 2017.

Presented “Is a tweet a fieldnote?” Workshop on Ethnographic Experimentation: Fieldwork Devices and companions #Colleex – an EASA network, Lisbon, Portugal July 2017

Presented at Cumulus: Hoarding, Hosting, Hospitality Centre for Ethnographic Theory SOAS (London) and Cambridge, UK. June 2017.

Attended Architectures, Nature and Data: the Politics of Environments ,Tallinn, Estonia April 20-22nd, 2017

Participated in Pseudo workshop, held in Antwerp, 3-5 Feb 2017.

Attended SATORI workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 31st and Feb 1st, 2017.

Attended Scaling the Body, Durham Anthropology Department, UK, February 28th, 2017


Attended Inaugural Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology Conference. Scoping Medical Anthropology Edinburgh 5-6 September 2016

Co-convened panel Death and Chronicity with Bob Simpson at Footprints and Futures: The Time of Anthropology , Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) Durham July 4-7 2016.

Attended Science and Democracy Network 15th Conference, London, 23-25 June 2016. Conference tweets available in Storify form here.

Co-convened panel Dreams for the Future: technocracy, utopianism, fantasy, anxiety at the Danish STS conference (DASTS) Aarhus June 2-3, 2016. Presented paper The future of ethical review: three contrasting dreams.

Attended Brocher Foundation Workshop: Big Data and Ethics, Geneva 14-15 March 2016


Co-authored paper with C. Gad. Computational Thinking as an Ontological Programme? Ethnographic Engagements with Digital Alterity American Anthropological Association, Denver. November 18-22nd 2015.

Invited Paper. From Moral Force to Research Integrity: Building capacity in research ethics across Asia. Have we become too Ethical? Bionetworking International Symposium, Sussex University November 9th 2015.

Co-authored paper with C. Gad. Promises and Perils of Computational Thinking: a discussion piece. 2nd Nordic STS Conference 27-29th May 2015.

An addition that subtracts: building systems and persons of capacity in Asian Biomedical Ethical Review. Hope and Insufficiency: Capacity Building in Ethnographic Comparison (Wenner-Gren). Copenhagen, Denmark May 20-22nd 2015.

Invited Discussant Commentary. Making Sense of Clinical Translation: Ethical, Regulatory and Policy Challenges for Europe and the US. Geneva, Switzerland May 18-19 2015.


Swings of the Pendulum: Research ethics and the poles of audit and professionalism. Governing by numbers: audit cultures rankings and the New World Reorder (convened by Sue Wright and Cris Shore). European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), Tallinn, Estonia July 30-August 3 2014.

Invited Discussant Commentary. The Bionetworking Approach: Following Biotechnologies Across the World. Sussex University, UK. 14-15 July 2014.

Silent Mentors: Donation, Education and Bodies in Taiwan.
Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) Decennial, Edinburgh, Scotland 19-22 June 2014.

Thinking elections (and everything else?) computationally? (co-presented with Christopher Gad) Danish Association of STS, Roskilde University, Denmark June 12-13 2014.

The Infrastructure of Research: Ethics Review Committees and IRBs in the Asian Region. Committee on the Use of Human Subjects IRB, Cambridge MA, USA. May 30, 2014.

Models of democratic decision making in Ethics Review Committees: whither publics?
Living Knowledge Conference, April 9-11 2014 (withdrawn)

Authenticities at the Hill House Presentation to the National Trust for Scotland, Edinburgh. Conservation Seminar Feburary 26th 2014.

New Immortalities: Cadervaric Donation in Taiwan at co-organized workshop, Durham University, UK. February 25-26th 2014.

Conflict of interest and the refusal of the intimate: decision making in ethical review at
MEGA Anthropology Seminar, Sønderborg, Denmark January 13-15.


Standards and difference: an exploration of capacity building in ethical review.
Maastricht/Oxford Global Health and STS workshop, Maastricht Netherlands, November 14-15.

Silent Mentors: non-anonymous donation. Technologies in Practice Research Day, IT University Copenhagen. September 27.

Thinking in Images, Writing in Words. Writing Across Boundaries PhD Training workshop,
Collingwood College, Durham University. April 18, 2013.

Ethics, Form and Perspective: Capacity Building and Research Governance in Asia
Global Health and Ethics Seminar Series. Ethox, Oxford. April 30, 2013.


Silent Mentors : Donation, Education and Bodies in Taiwan. At the 4th Annual Postgraduate Anthropology Conference. April 25, 2012, Ustinov College, Durham University.

Thinking in Images, Writing in Words Writing Across Boundaries workshop, Van Mildet
College, Durham University. March 12-13.


An addition which subtracts? Building Persons and Systems of Capacity In Asian Biomedical Research Ethics at American Anthropological Association Panel :
Legacies of the past, promises of the future : Examining capacity building as a practice of contemporary development and governance. Co-organised by Justin Shaffner (University of Cambridge) and Rachel Douglas-Jones (University of Durham) Montreal, Canada. 16 – 20 November 2011.

Ethics without Trust: Responsibility, accountability and audit in Asian ethics review committees. PhD Workshop: Trusting Information. IT University Copenhagen, October 10-12 2011.

Implicit futures: Research Ethics Review and Capacity Building as practices of progress and protection. At Governing Futures: Imagining, Negotiating & Taming Emerging
Technosciences. Albert-Schweitzer Haus, Vienna September 22-24, 2011.

A single broken thread : integrity, trust and accountability in Asian ethics review committees. Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) Postgraduate Conference, Durham University. September 20, 2011.

Scaling the Elephant and Elephant-ing the Scale : blind men’s perspectives, ethics committees and analytical disappearances. Durham Anthropology Postgraduate Conference. Collingwood College, Durham. March 16, 2011.

(Bio)ethics excluded: an ethnographic account of evidence and elephants in research ethics. 5th Postgraduate Bioethics Conference: Social Scientific Approaches to Bioethics: Methods and Methodologies. Wellcome Collection, London. January 5-7 2011.


Common Goals, Shared Values : A study of FERCAP Fostered Regional Alliances. Forum of Ethics Review Committees of Asia and Pacific Annual Conference. Hotel Equatorial, Shanghai 22-26 November 2010.

Multi-sited fieldwork : some preliminary remarks at Fellows Group, Program for Science, Technology and Society. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.
Boston, November 9, 2010.

Research ethics and multi-sited comparisons: some starting points with Asian maps and elephants at International Science and Bioethics Collaborations in Asia: an End of Award Colloquium. Department of Anthropology, Cambridge University, July 13-14, 2010.


Exploring Plateaus: sites, flights and territories of ethnographic research on co-organized panel (Douglas-Jones and Sariola) “Deleuze and Ethnography”. 2nd International Deleuze Conference, University of Cologne August 2009.

Ethical Expectations at International Science and Bioethics Collaborations Colloquium
Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, (CRASSH)
Cambridge 9-10 January 2009.


Studying Expectation: concealed collaboration in emergent bioethical governance at
American Anthropological Association Conference, ‘Inclusion, Collaboration and Engagement’. San Francisco, 19-23 November 2008.

Rhizome Yourself! (co-presented with Dr. Salla Sariola) First International Deleuze Conference. Cardiff University, 11-13 August 2008.

Multi-sited Ethnography. Poster: Durham 1st Anthropology Postgraduate Conference.
Collingwood College, Durham University. 8 May 2008.

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