2020- 2024 Moving Data Moving People

From 2020-2024, I am the PI of a Danish Research Council project called Moving Data Moving People.

the blog page of a website showing four posts, each with an image. The first has a yellow cover, and is the Palgrave Handbook of the Anthropology of Technology, the second shows people queuing, the third is a screenshot of chinese characters, and the fourth is a still of a youtube video showing a red play button in the middle.I will be collaborating with Ane Bislev and Jesper Willaing at Aalborg University as we work alongside two Postdocs to study the emergence of China’s social credit system. We are particularly interested in the experiences of migrants within China, asking when the SCS becomes relevant to their lives. There is a lot of really good work on the SCS from comparative law, China studies and e-governance. Our hope is that contributing some long term ethnograhpies will help illuminate the lived experience of the SCS, and where possible, join up some literatures between computing, surveillance studies, China studies and STS.

The project website is here, and you can follow our sporadic updates from @DataMoving