Marco Carbone

About me

  • I'm an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department, IT University of Copenhagen.
  • Since 2018, I am also head (linjeleder) of the MSc. in Computer Science study programme. Formerly, 2014-18, I was heading the MSc. in Software Development.
  • I'm a member of the Programming, Logics and Semantics research group and the Center of Information Security and Trusts.
  • Before joining ITU, I was a post-doc at Imperial College London and QMUL (with Honda and Yoshida). In 2005, I received my PhD in Computer Science (“Trust and Mobility”) from BRICS, Aarhus University supervised by Prof. M. Nielsen.

  • Research Interests.

    My core research interests are within applications of semantics, type theory, and linear logic to concurrency. In particular, I'm an expert in the pi-calculus concurrency model, session types (I'm one of the authors of multiparty session types), and choreography models.
    I'm mainly a theoretician, but, in recent years, I have developed a strong interstest in applications of my theoretical work. In particular, I'm interested in the design and usage of (extensions of) programming languages that make strong use of session types and choreographic specifications for safety of critical systems.


    The most (and very) up-to-date page is my DBLP entry. My ITU publication page is updated once a year. For old stuff, look here.

    Some Relevant Activities.

    FORTE'20 (PC), PLACES'17 (PC), SAC'17-SOAP (PC), TASE'16 (PC), TGC'15 (PC), ICTAC'15 (PC), BEAT2014 (PC chair), WSFM'14 (PC), ICE'14 (PC), ICE'13 (PC co-chair), PLACES'12 (PC), ICE'12 (PC co-chair), W3C WS-CDL Working Group (Invited Expert), WS-FM'11 (PC co-chair), PLACES'11 (PC), ICE'11 (PC & Organiser), PLACES'10 (PC), ICE'09 (PC), EXPRESS'09 (PC), SFM-09:WS School (Lecturer), ICE'08 (PC), BPESO School '07 (Lecturer).

    Postdocs/PhD Students

  • Agata Murawska (2017-18, postdoc)
  • Fabrizio Montesi (2011-14, PhD student)
  • Tijs Slaats (2009-12, PhD student, co-supervised)