Webinar: Predicting the Future with Collective Intelligence

Any society, organisation, or business is like a great collective mind. Co-workers and employees have a unique perspective on their tasks, challenges, and the future of the organisation. But like people, most organisations only utilise a small part of that collective brain in its operations. What if you could tap into this vast pool of employee experience and know-how and optimise your workflow, spark innovation, and predict the future success of current strategies?

Crowdsourcing knowledge is as old as civilisation itself, but the technological revolution has enabled crowd-based information aggregation at an unprecedented scale. “Most larger organisations are sitting on an incredibly valuable employee resource – a collective intelligence – but very few take advantage of it,” says Founder and Research Coordinator of the Collective Intelligence Group at ITU and leading expert on the field of collective intelligence, Carina Antonia Hallin.

In this 45-minute introduction to collective intelligence, Carina Antonia Hallin shares insight on how decision makers can use collective intelligence to advance creativity, innovation, workflows, and predictions of uncertainties. The webinar is based on the ITU Professional course Collective Intelligence for Predictions, Innovation, Work, and Competitiveness which will take place in November 2021.

Learn the basics of crowdsourcing tactics, get an overview of the current platforms available for information aggregation, and see what other organisations have gained by using collective intelligence as a technology and a way of thinking.



The webinar is open to anyone interested, but will be of particular interest to professionals with strategy-level responsibilities and leaders for tech adoption, such as Executives, Team Leaders, CIO's, IT Managers, Innovation Managers etc.


Carina Antonia Hallin
Dr. Carina Antonia Hallin is the Founder and Research Coordinator of the Collective Intelligence Group at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and a Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI). Hallin has published in the disciplines of collective intelligence, decision support systems, artificial intelligence, computer science, strategy, and management; and has a strong research interest in the validation of new decision support systems for organizations and governments.
Hallin is also the founder of the first collective intelligence and crowdsourcing course in Denmark launched in 2015 at the Copenhagen Business School. Simultaneously, she is managing the course of Database Use and Design at the IT University of Copenhagen in the Global Business Informatics Program.
Hallin is a listed knowledge partner to the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) on collective intelligence. She is also a regularly invited speaker on collective intelligence at international and national gatherings, such as The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the National Endowment for Science and Technology and the Arts (NESTA) in London, and Dreamocracy on collective intelligence for the common good in Brussels.

Practical information

Time and place: 
The webinar will take place online, Friday 1 October 2021, from 9-9.45 AM


Practical information
The webinar will be presented through Zoom and registration is required. Download Zoom here and register for the webinar below.

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