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Research in Image Analysis

The Image Group performs research within the foundation of image analysis and primarily medical image analysis applications. Secondary applications areas are within film/TV processing and human-computer interaction via computer vision.

Within the foundation of image analysis we contribute to the understanding and development of the field of image analysis by conducting research in the mathematical, geometrical and statistical underpinning of the discipline. Currently we have three major themes: Shape analysis, Partial different equations and Statistics on natural images. Within medical applications, we are currently focusing on clinical image analysis and 3D shape analysis. Clinical image analysis is based on data captured in clinical trials and population studies which gives a special approach in terms of amount of data etc. The secondary application areas are currently inpainting techniques and optic flow computation in films and TV sequences; and collaboration on eye tracking systems.

The Image Group is one of the research groups at the IT University of Copenhagen. The former Image Analysis Research Group was located in the Department of Innovation.

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Prof. Mads Nielsen
Office 4D.15
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
DK-2300 KÝbenhavn S
Phone: +45 7218 5075