StarCraft AI Workshop

The IT University of Copenhagen is hosting a two-day StarCraft AI Workshop with sponsored prizes from Google DeepMind.

Computers can beat humans in many games including Chess, Go and most arcade games. The next grand challenge for artificial intelligence (AI) is the real-time strategy game StarCraft. Earlier this year, Google DeepMind and Blizzard released an interface to StarCraft 2 that allows anyone with basic programming skills to build a program that can play the game.

At the workshop, we will explore the capabilities of this interface, how to develop a bot from scratch and how knowledge can be learned from game replays.

The workshop will start with a demonstration of how to set up the interface and how game replays can be analyzed with deep learning. Afterwards, we will give you plenty of time to work in groups, and the best projects will be awarded cool prizes sponsored by Google DeepMind.

During the weekend, IT Minds will sponsor some food and snacks.

The workshop is free to attend but unfortunately, we have limited room. Therefore, you must send a short application to before December 20 with the subject line: "StarCraft AI Workshop". Briefly, describe your background and why the workshop is interesting for you, and we will get back to you with our decision sometime during Christmas.

Practical information such as the schedule will be announced later.