Popular debates in a relaxed atmosphere

OpenITU is a public initiative at the IT University of Copenhagen, which aims to create a relaxed platform where researchers and audience are on equal footing and conversations on IT topics can be easily followed.

With OpenITU we want to increase awareness of the ITU research departments through interesting and curious presentations of transdisciplinary scientific research. The events will bring forth critical discussions on interesting and easily followed topics within robotics, culture, technology, design, business and art.

All OpenITU events are free of charge and open to the public. It will be possible to enjoy a beer or drink during or after the talks.


Sofie Nohr Jakobsen: (concept, planning, general information)

Scientific overview and content:

  • Sisse Finken, Associate Professor, Business IT Department:
  • Carsten Schürmann, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department:
  • Jonas Fritsch, Associate Professor, Digital Design Department:

Scheduled events
There are no scheduled events at the moment.

Previous events

April 26, 2018Loot Boxes - Gaming or Gambling? (Rune K. L. Nielsen, Paweł Grabarczyk, Daryl Hornsby, Johan Eklund, Maria Skovlund Kronborg)

November 23, 2017Creating a Sustainable World with IT (Lea Schick, Jonas Kroustrup, Kim Escherich) 

September 15, 2017Har du styr på persondataforordningen? (Henning Mortensen, Thomas Hildebrandt) 

February 10, 2017: Recommended for You - Can AI Give Us What We Want? (Oliver Müller, Jes Frellsen, Irina Shklovski)

March 18, 2016: The Good, the Bad and the Robots (Thomas Pederson, Gunhild Borggren, Ken Rinaldo)

November 13, 2015: Cybersecurity (Carsten Schürmann, Tonny Rabjerg, Rasmus van der Burg, Kim Aarenstrup)

October 23, 2015: Adaptive Lighting (Kjell Yngve Petersen, Allan Ruberg)

June 19, 2015: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (Lasse Birk Olesen and Stephan Tual)

January 23, 2015: Big Data - Technology, Business and Science (Rasmus Pagh, Roman Beck and Brian Vinter)

November 14, 2014: 50 Years With IT - From Technical Perfection to IT Products (Jørgen Staunstrup and Søren Lauesen)

October 24, 2014: Will Self-replicating Evolving Robots Take over the Planet? (Kasper Støy and Sebastian Risi)