Blockchains and the Internet of Things: The future of Cryptocurrency

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Blockchain technologies (Bitcoin in particular) hold the promise of becoming the de facto cash of the Internet introducing a so far unprecedented degree of financial openness. Michael Gronager and Stephan Tual explore the market analytics to be gained from augmenting the blockchain data with the real world, and argue that this offers a good tradeoff between privacy and financial openness, making Bitcoin a near ideal platform for not only online financial transactions but also an enabling technology for the Internet of Things.

The talks are followed by discussion, drinks and a demo of ITU cryptocurrency student projects.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Michael Gronager is unable to attend, so there has been a change in the lineup. Instead, Lasse Birk Olesen, product manager at Coinify, will give a presentation on Bitcoin and the impact of cryptocurrencies on payments and finance.

Live streaming

If you are not able to be there in person, the event will also be live streamed here:


Lasse Birk Olesen
Lasse Birk Olesen (below) is a product manager at Coinify.
Coinify makes it easy to accept Bitcoin payments and buy and sell Bitcoin. He founded Bitcoin Nordic in 2012 as one of the first and largest European Bitcoin brokers, where he served as CEO until the company was sold to Coinify in 2014.
Lasse maintains a blog on digital currencies with the financial newspaper Børsen and has assisted European and Asian government agencies with their understanding of Bitcoin. He speaks regularly on how Bitcoin can change payments and finance at international conferences, radio programs and other news media. Lasse's Bitcoin talk was also the most viewed at Telenor's Digital Winners conference.


Stephan Tual (below) is the CCO for Ethereum and the founder of the world’s first blockchain consultancy, Ursium. His current focus is on the intersection of blockchain technology and embedded hardware, where autonomous agents can transact as part of an Internet of Things economy.  His work’s focal point is on the potential for societal change engendered by users regaining control over both their funds and personal information within decentralised networks.


Demo of ITU cryptocurrency

Title: The Use of Block Chain Technology in Application Domains

Bachelor students, Software Development at ITU: Jacob Stenum Czepluch, Nikolaj Zangenberg Lollike and Simon Oliver Malone.

This bachelor final group thesis work investigates the potential of the block chain, based on Ethereum’s technology. They illustrate the overall application areas, where decentralization of organizations and applications through block chain technology can be useful. More specifically, we investigate how trust-based centralized systems in the financial sector, and society in general, can benefit from becoming decentralized and trust-free. This is done through evaluating the proof of concept implementation of a digitalized ‘punch card’ system, based on the Ethereum block chain.

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